About A.M.

About A.M.

Alight Movement was started with one clear vision in mind: Give dancers and the support they need in order for them to grow into strong, independent and qualified professionals.

Why? I consistently came across a dilemma: A serious lack of qualified dancers and dance instructors along with projects or classes that needed to get covered.

I believe that all dancers should have opportunities to better themselves, and they should be able to get the tools they need to bring quality to the table, no matter what they are doing. I believe that if we all take the time to teach someone something we know, it will make them better, and the standard level will increase. Our weakest link won’t be so weak anymore.

I started this company in 2004 as Dance Alight, which means Dance on fire, or illuminated dance. I decided to give the company a mini facelift in 2008 and renamed it Alight Movement because I believe that the movement I started in order to help those around me improve is a path I must set ablaze. I want to help others see the way to their true self as an artist.

How? Alight Movement has been hosting events for the dance community since 2008 and has traveled to multiple cities and states, not only hosting events but teaching workshops, performing and working on major projects to help the global dance community continue to grow not only in numbers but also to improve the quality of dancers out there. I have personally trained numerous people that are now well-established and respected teachers.

However, I don’t do this alone. I have had the help of many super talented and influential individuals who believe what I believe, and they’ve brought priceless knowledge and talent to the table, helping many people in our community to this day.

Alight Movement has now become a learning hub for anyone that wants to include dance, yoga or reiki into their wellness regimen. Instruction and guidance is open to anyone with any level of experience, although we specialize in beginner level students.

Enjoy your visit, check out one of our blogs, vlogs or videos, connect with us on social media, and experience our movement.


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