Who We Are

Alight Movement = Enlightened Movement.

Alight Movement was started in 2004 with one clear vision in mind: Give people in their beginning stages the support they need in order for them to grow into strong, independent and qualified professionals. I first started this company with the goal of serving the dance community in my area.

We have hosted events for the dance community since 2008, and we’ve traveled to multiple cities and states, not only hosting events but teaching workshops, performing and working on major projects to help the global dance community continue to grow. We have personally trained numerous people that are now well-established and respected teachers.

Alight Movement has now become a learning hub for anyone that wants to include dance, yoga or reiki into their wellness regimen. Instruction and guidance are open to anyone with any level of experience, although we specialize in beginner level students. We offer personalized wellness classes, and we also offer alternative therapy through our products and energy healing services.

Enjoy your visit, check out one of our blogs, vlogs or videos, connect with us on social media, and experience our movement.