Climbing the Creative Ladder

It’s natural to want to create.

We are individuals that have a wanting/desire to build in some way. Whether it be the stories that form in our minds to the meals we prepare for dinner, the creative process is apparent everywhere in our life. As artists, our thoughts are consistently filled with new ideas/concepts and dreams of working professionally in the arts; taking what we do to the next level. Making a hobby/passion into a healthy lifestyle we live day-to-day. Only with immense dedication, an open imagination, and time can we achieve our own personal success, however you define that, in your craft.

If I had to give a couple of tips on how to get to where I’m at as an artist, it would be the following :

– Immersing yourself in that passion’s/medium’s culture, making it a part of your daily grind. Example: if you wanted to own an art gallery in the future, wouldn’t you attend art shows/events in your free time to see what it’s all about? To possibly connect with other artists who share the same love/dream as you? 

– Constantly staying surrounded by creatives of all sorts of mediums. Just because you’re a sculptor doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by going to a photographer’s gallery opening, or a dancer watching the brushstrokes of a painter creating his masterpiece. Inspiration can come from anyone or anything. 

– PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. This should go without saying, although, practicing your craft can be studying its history to literally working to refine the art itself. Any amount of time dedicated to this is better than none, although the more time you put in, the more results you get out of it. 

– You must network in every sense. Everyone you meet you can possibly build with down the line. Example : As a dancer, meeting/supporting the DJs, promoters, and other dancers in the scene. Who knows, you may want to throw an event in the future and having an expansive network can make that easier. 

– Carry some sort of notebook or journal everywhere. Nowadays people use their phone, but I’ve always connected more with a pen and paper approach. Write down your ideas, concepts, people you meet, etc., so that you can revisit all of it in the future when necessary. 

Like I said before, these are some things that helped me get to where I am as an artist today. These are subjective to what personally works for you, although, I believe are relatively universal for everyone. That being said, I hope it helps you all understand all of us creatives can be successful in what we do with the right approach and mindset. Now, go make it happen!



Brandon “Brand1” Dorsey, a Chicago transplant, is an all around creative individual that is making his mark. With his roots in fine arts, writing, and dancing, he has spent the last 15+ years working to understand and refine these multiple artistic mediums. More specifically, the past 5-6 years Brandon has diverted his energy and time to his love of Chicago house music and the overall house dance culture. Always looking to grow, the journey is far from over, though the path is well lit. He hopes to continue to not only build a healthy & united dance community, but the overall Chicago creative scene.