Yoga Pose Of The Day – Camel Pose

Yoga Pose Of The Day – Camel Pose

Camel pose is a great heart chakra opening pose. By stimulating the heart and lungs, camel pose can really be useful.

Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

Here are some of the benefits of Camel Pose:

  • Opens the chest and shoulders
  • Stretches the shoulders
  • Tones the abdominals
  • Stretches and strengthens the quad and hip muscles
  • Improves spinal flexibility

Tips for beginner yogis:

  • Square your hips and press them forward
  • Hold this pose for at least 5 breaths
  • The full expression of this pose is with your hands touching your feet. Slowly build-up to this by walking your hands down your legs a little at a time
  • If your knees are hurting from kneeling, place a towel underneath before attempting this pose
  • Relax your glutes while you’re in this pose.
How to Yoga For Beginners: Camel Pose by MissG on Jumprope.

I hope you enjoyed my new tutorial video. It looks different from the other videos, but I wanted to make something more comprehensive and easy to follow. Camel pose can be done anytime your back feels a little tight and you want to loosen it up.

‘Til next time!

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