Yoga Pose Of The Day – Gate Pose

Yoga Pose Of The Day – Gate Pose

gate pose
Parighasana (Gate Pose)

Gate pose is ideal when you need a nice hamstring stretch. However, there’s more to gate pose than just stretching your hammies.

Here are some of the benefits of gate pose:

  • Increases flexibility in the ankles
  • Great for a side body stretch
  • Tones the hips
  • Improves balance
  • Stretches the hamstrings
  • Increases spinal flexibility
  • Stimulates the lungs

Tips for beginner yogis:

  • Flex your foot for a less intense stretch
  • For more support and stability, slide a block underneath your foot
  • You can also do this pose next to a wall and press the ball mount of your foot against the wall
  • Roll the top shoulder back and stack the torse directly over the hips
  • Relax your shoulders away from ears

Always remember to do gate pose on both sides. Hold gate pose for at least 8 breaths per side. As usual, if you have any questions, drop a comment below, and I will catch you all on the next post!


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