Learn How To Dance – Getting Started

Throughout my years of teaching dance, I have always come across adults who really want to learn how to dance, but have trouble with getting started. The decision to learn how to dance is not just a goal pursued by the younger generation. Anyone can learn how to dance, but you have to focus on the right concepts in order to learn how to dance effectively.

Why do you want to learn how to dance?

Some of the most popular reasons why you might want to learn how to dance are:

  • You want to learn new steps to add to the moves you already know
  • You want to feel comfortable when you go dancing with your friends
  • You want to impress your family members at a special event such as a wedding
  • You want to boost your confidence level by learning something new
  • You want to add dance to your wellness regimen
  • You want to learn how to break down the many parts of a song through movement

Do any of the reasons above sound familiar? I have gotten all of these reasons from many of my students when they approach me for lessons. But, is it enough to simply join a group class or hire a teacher for private lessons in order to reach any of these goals?

It will take a little bit of mental and emotional preparation on your part if you want to get the most out of your lessons. I’d like to share with you some of my most effective tips in order to get you on the right mindset if you are starting this new journey with dance.

Things to do before your first class

  • Let go of any expectations – The fastest way to disappoint yourself and discourage yourself from continuing your dance lessons is to expect a certain result or outcome during your first class.
  • Keep an open mindset – My number one rule in all of my classes is to always strive for uncomfortability. If you feel uncomfortable in class, it means your body is learning something new. Embrace it!
  • Start listening to music more than you usually do, and envision yourself dancing to the music. What would you look like? How would you feel as you danced? Start connecting with the music through your emotions before you set foot into your first dance class.

Things to keep in mind during class

  • If you’re in a group class, let go of the notion that people are watching you and judging you. Everyone is too busy worrying about how they look to pay attention to you or anyone else.
  • If you’re in a private lesson, focus on staying calm and not letting your nerves or your frustration stop you from enjoying the class. The teacher is never there to judge you, but to help you grow.
  • Tell yourself the following throughout the class: I am here to learn, not to know.
  • Take your time processing the information that you’re getting in class. You don’t have to master everything you’re taught by the end of class. Pace yourself, and work through the movement, one part at a time.
  • Celebrate your small victories. Any progress is a step forward towards your goal of learning how to dance.

Now that you’re mentally ready…

Sign up to learn how to dance, and take a step towards your new goal. You can do it! It only takes you showing up for yourself one time, and soon you’ll learn enough to feel confident the next time you’re out with friends or at your family’s special event. Getting started while you are motivated to do so will ensure you reach your goal to learn how to dance.

I offer classes specifically for adults that are getting started, who have little to no dance experience. You can check out my profile here to learn more about my teaching experience, and you can check out what my former and current students have to say about their experience with me. You can also click the button below to learn how to dance.