Yoga Pose Of The Day – Sphinx Pose

Sphinx Pose is a great, gentle spinal flexibility pose. If you’re just starting out with your practice or you’re easing your body into flexibility after an injury, sphinx pose is perfect for you.

Salamba Bhujangasana (Sphinx Pose)

Here are some of the benefits of Sphinx Pose:

  • Tones and strengthens the back muscles
  • Opens the chest
  • Strengthens the arms
  • Stimulates the heart and lungs
  • Increases spinal flexibility
  • Stretches the abdominals
  • Great mood enhancer

Tips for beginner yogis:

  • Hold for at least 5 breaths
  • Point your toes
  • For a deeper stretch, press knees inward towards each other and lift the feet up to the glutes
  • For a more gentle stretch, place a blanket underneath your hips
  • Maintain the neck in line with your torso, bringing the gaze straight forward

Watch my JUMPROPE tutorial here:

How to Yoga For Beginners: Sphinx Pose by MissG on Jumprope.

Sphinx pose can be great at the beginning of your day. Drop a comment below to let me know if you’ve tried Sphinx in your practice lately and as always, I will catch you all either in class or on the next post!