The Beginning Stages Of A Dance Career

Growing up with the Veterans in the South Florida dance scene has allowed me to view Dance in a different way and to realize fully how difficult this art form truly is.

I was the youngest kid on the block with a lot of potential so I was harshly criticized by I.O.T.A, Jigsaw, Boxx, Jon Boogz, etc. I never liked how they talked to me, but they did that for a reason; so I can be at a high level.

I always thanked them, regardless of the way they explained things to me.

The criticism that was given to me humbled me into the dancer I am today. I took that advice so seriously because I wanted to GROW, ELEVATE, IMPROVE! That was my main goal. To grow no matter what.

In my dance scene, we live on the phrase, “NO EXCUSES”. Regardless of what I was going through, I trained. Always remember there’s somebody out there who’s working as hard as you or harder than you! Let that soak in and be your motivation.

To all of the young, upcoming dancers, when a veteran pulls you in and wants to teach you, “respeck it”  and take criticism. Your level will only increase.

Much love.



K. I. D. D. is an acronym for Keep Inspiring Divine Dreams. He is a recent graduate and a young dancer from South Florida with a long tenure in his community as an influential artist that started dancing at 7 years of age. K.I.D.D. has been involved in numerous performances. He’s also participated/won many competitions in and out of Florida. His main style is Poppin’ and his main goal as an artist is to go on a worldwide dance tour spreading the word of God. ” I dance for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because He’s the one who gave me this amazing talent.” K.I.D.D. is currently a performance artist in the MJ One show for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.