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Learn How To Dance in 5 Days5-day social dancing course for adults

Learning how to dance can be very frustrating if you don't know how to pick up the steps or how to listen to music. if you're looking to impress your friends/family at the next social event, this is the course for you.

This easy to follow 5-day email/video course will teach you how to start dancing, with lots of exercises and tips to get you moving!

Join the movement now to get instant access!

5-day yoga course for busy peopleGet your home practice started with this 5-day yoga course!

Yoga can help you get through a busy day without having to leave your home or office.

Jumpstart your practice with this short, easy to follow, 5-day yoga course packed with tips, yoga pose alignment tutorials and sequences that are easy to remember. Plus, lots of other tips and other yoga and wellness content that I share exclusively with members!