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Helping people discover new ways to integrate wellness practices into their lives

Serving The Community Since 2004

Alight Movement was founded in 2004. I first started this company with the goal of serving the dance community in my area. My team and I traveled to multiple cities and states to host dance events and teach workshops while performing and working on major projects to help our dance community grow. We personally trained numerous people that are now well-established and respected teachers.

Almost 20 years later, Alight Movement has become a hub for anyone that wants to include dance, yoga or reiki into their wellness regimen. I teach and promote mind and body wellness to my friends in the artist community and to anyone else who is interested in creative wellness programs using energy healing/balancing, dance and yoga. Instruction and guidance is open to anyone with any level of experience, although I specialize in beginner level students.

Alight Healing is a new division of Alight Movement that focuses on energy healing services and products. I provide energy balancing/healing sessions for those that are looking for alternative methods of pain and stress management. I also created a line of handmade metaphysical wellness jewelry that I infuse with Reiki. The intention behind the jewelry line is to make energy balancing and wellness accessible to everyone. I’ve always been passionate about helping others activate their own power, and now I offer that not only through my services but through my products as well.page5image63173760 page5image63173952



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My Promise to You

Clients and students are guaranteed individualized attention and personalized services/products.


Personalized Routines

I create personalized dance or yoga lesson plans to help you reach your goals.


Ethically Sourced Crystals/Stones

All of my crystals and gemstones are high quality and ethically sourced.


High Quality Materials

 All of the materials used to make my jewelry have been carefully chosen and extensively tested to ensure quality and durability.


Beginner Friendly

All of my services and classes are beginner friendly. I work at your pace, and I ensure to fully educate you on the service of your choice so you gain the maximum benefit.

Unique Wellness Techniques

My teaching methods are unique, and i’ve developed these over the course of 20 years of teaching countless students from all walks of life. I’ve been able to master teaching people with different learning styles.  I also work at the student’s/client’s pace, I create personalized regimens that will work according to their learning style, their goals, and their personality.

I have a very hands on approach, guiding my students and clients through the experience, and equipping them with the tools and techniques necessary so they can continue integrating new practices and routines into their everyday lives on their own. The goal is not to make you dependent of a teacher, but to help you discover the teacher in you. 

Our Experts

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