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Welcome To Alight Movement

Creative Content and Energy Healing

What I Do

I Make Reiki Infused Crystal Bracelets

I Make Reiki Infused Crystal Bracelets

Wearing crystals as jewelry is a great way to infuse wellness into your daily life. Gemstones and other natural materials all carry different healing properties since they come from the earth. I hand-make unique designs with different gemstone/wood/lava stone combinations to target different imbalances. For even more energy balancing benefits, crystal jewelry can be .charged with Reiki, amplifying each stone’s healing benefit. I also make custom jewelry pieces if you have something specific you want to address using crystals.

I Practice Reiki

I Practice Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique used to induce deep relaxation. It is a healing modality used to balance and unblock energy centers in the body. It is used to cleanse one’s aura, and it activates the body’s natural ability to heal emotional and even physical ailments.

I Teach Yoga

I Teach Yoga

Yoga is the perfect way for people to keep their bodies limber, active and healthy. I teach kids’ yoga and beginner adult yoga. I focus on teaching proper alignment, yoga pose benefits, and all classes are tailor-made to help you reach your personal goals.

I Teach Dance

I Teach Dance

I have been teaching dance to Children and Adults alike for almost 2 decades. I teach all levels and all ages starting from 2 years, all the way to adults. However, I specialize in beginner level students that want to integrate health and wellness into their lives through movement. From specialty classes such as choreography for special occasions to social dancing for beginners, I tailor-make every student’s classes in order to help them reach their desired goal. My genre of focus is street dance.

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Hey Missg! Thank you again for making this reiki charged stone bracelet! 🙏🏽I feel like it has really kept me in a positive aura since my injury a couple weeks ago and helped expedite the healing process for me. I haven’t seen our uninvited apparition around the house since I’ve put it on as well. Truly happy that Ashly suggested it and that you took the time to make it for me. Thank you again!

Josh B

Such a great teacher! Very patient and caring ! Creates great choreography.


She’s amazing – really enjoyed the yoga class and looking forward to more!

Eric P.

The best teacher ever!!! Super kind, engaging, patient! She adapts to any of your goals/teaching style! I love coming to class; I always leave with a smile no matter how I felt before 🙂

I started off doing hip hop with MissG, then we started doing more yoga and meditation which has been so fulfilling!

Emmeline K.

She gave my daughters some great tips and pointers to help build her confidence before her drill tryouts.

Adalie G.

Still in love with my personal custom spiritual piece. From the hands of the one and only MissG.

Shane T.

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