My mission is to use performance art to tell powerful stories and motivate/inspire people

I’m dedicated to help people grow through my art

Alight Movement is all about inspiring and educating people through visual, performance, and healing art. I teach people how to care for themselves on a holistic level, and I use dance, yoga, reiki, and my line of reiki-infused crystal jewelry to promote wellness. I tell powerful stories using visual and performance art, and I’m a content creator. 

Services & Products

I teach street dance and yoga classes, I practice energy healing, I inspire through live performances and content creation, I empower others through meditation, and I make crystal jewelry.


I offer reiki sessions. Reiki is an ancient Japanese stress/pain relief technique that is used in conjunction with other wellness practices. This practice promotes deep relaxation, emotional and mental wellness for those who integrate Reiki into their wellness regimen.

Crystal Druzy Moonstone necklace


I teach beginner level yoga lessons for those who want to confidently practice yoga. I focus on proper posture, alignment, and I teach ways to incorporate yoga into your everyday life. I also teach kids’ yoga classes.


I teach street dance and social dancing for adults and kids alike. I specialize in beginner-level students, but I work with all levels. I also choreograph dances for special occassions.

Crystal Druzy Moonstone necklace


I handmake reiki-infused crystal bracelets with the goal of helping people infuse crystal healing into their lives through jewelry.

MissG holding hands up close to the camera in prayer position while wearing Alight Healing bracelets.

Multimedia services

I offer small businesses content creation/digital marketing/social media management services. I film and edit video content for dance studios, athletes, artists, and more. 

MissG wearing glasses posing next to a sony a7iii camera on DJI Ronin rsc-2 gimbal


As a performance/dance artist, I have over 20 years of experience in live/stage performances, choreography, movement coaching and video content creation. I’m a vivid story teller, and I use multiple mediums to get my messages out to the world.

About Alight Movement

Alight Movement was founded in 2004. I first started this company with the goal of serving the dance community in my area. My team and I traveled to multiple cities and states to host dance events and teach workshops while performing and working on major projects to help our dance community continue to grow. 

New Arrivals

I handmake jewelry for people who like to integrate natural healing into their lives. Crystal Healing has been such a beneficial addition to my wellness regimen, and I’m proud to have my own line of products that invite joy, peace, and good vibes into people’s spaces.

Telling Stories Through Movement

Alight Movement tells relatable stories, motivational stories, inspirational stories and real stories through performance and movement art. I use audio and video production  to create content that actually makes an impact on the viewer in ways that can trigger healing on a mental, emotional and even spiritual level.

Years Making Content

Stories Told

People Impacted

The Blog

Ideas shared through multiple mediums. Inspirational content for artists and students alike.

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